Robot Voice

Your very own personal spokesperson

Do you lack the effort to talk but need to speak up?
Robot Voice is the other half of Siri without the attitude.
Have your transcripts spoken aloud for others to hear.
It is free to use and can seamlessly interface with other apps.

  1. Download and install Robot Voice from Google Play This app requires the following permissions:

  2. Launch the app and start using it!

This app was tested to work on the following Android OS versions

  • 2.2.1
  • 2.3.3
  • 2.3.6
  • 4.0.3

Type some text and press speak

Setting description

In your code, send a broadcast Intent from an Activity with the following settings (the extra must be accompanied with a String value):

  • action: quickytools.intent.action.speak
  • mimetype:
  • extra: quickytools.speakup.intent.extra.transcript

An example function that will trigger Robot Voice to speak is shown below where transcript is the text to speak.

void robotTalk(String transcript) {
	Intent i = new Intent();
	i.putExtra("quickytools.speakup.intent.extra.transcript", transcript);

To stop robotic talk, pass the extra: quickytools.speakup.intent.extra.stop with an Integer value of 0 in the Intent above instead if the transcript extra.

Feel free to report a bug or make a suggestion

Features and improvements slated for next versions

  1. More voice profiles, customization

  2. Turing test mode

  3. Developer control of pitch and rate